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* New course added May, 2022

Addressing the Unique Needs of Homeless Students*
Assessing Individual Student Needs for Blended Learning
Becoming an Effective Online Teacher
Building Community with Equity in Mind
Building Relationships of Trust with Staff
Building Relationships of Trust with Students
Building Relationships with Individual Students in Blended Environments
Coaching Conversations and Bias*
Communicating the WHY of Student-Centered Learning
Creating a Culture of Learner Agency
Creating Flexible Learning Environments for Anytime, Anywhere Learning
Cultivating Learners' Curiosity in Your Learning Environment
Designing a Weekly Blended Learning Arc
Designing for Equity and Inclusion in Online Environments
Designing for Online Accessibility
Designing Online Experiences for Student Success
Disciplinary Literacy*
Empower Learners to Tell Their Story - Developing a Learner Profile
Engaging Parents to Support Blended Learning
Engaging Students with the Workshop Model In Secondary Classrooms*
Enhancing Community in the Online Modality
Ensuring Data Privacy and Student Safety Online
Establishing Norms of Engagement for Blended Environments
Exploring Standards to Support Learner-Centered Practice
Facilitating Inclusive IEPs: Training for LEA Representatives*
Foundations of Reading 1: Addressing Literacy Disruption*
Foundations of Reading 2: Addressing Literacy Disruption*
Foundations of Reading 3: Addressing Literacy Disruption*

Giving Feedback to Staff
Giving Feedback to Students
High Leverage Online Tools to Support Learning
Instructional Coaching Next Steps (Part 2)*
Integrating the Arts in the Content Area Classroom*
Leading a Culture of Innovation*
Leading for Personalized and Competency-Based Human Capital*
Leading for Personalized and Competency-Based Learning & Teaching*
Leading for Personalized and Competency-Based Learning Structures & Processes*
Leading for Personalized and Competency-Based Systemic Policy*
Making It All Work*

Modeling a Growth Mindset
Navigating the English Learner Process From Entry to Exit*
New to Coaching? Hone Your Coaching Moves to Close Gaps*
Nurturing Agency
Onboarding Students to Blended Learning
Selecting and Implementing High Quality Instructional Materials*
Special Education Paraprofessional: Fostering Relationships to Support Learners*
Using Assessment to Track Evidence of Learning Over Time
Using Blended Learning to Support Wisconsin Learners
Using Conferring and Conferencing to Support the Learning Cycle
Using Multiple Instructional Methods and Modes to Personalize Your Instruction
Using Webb’s Depth of Knowledge and Bloom’s Taxonomy to Increase Rigor*
Voice and Choice in the Secondary Classroom*