Building Relationships of Trust with Staff

For school leaders, building relationships of trust with staff members means showing interest and concern in their growth and career development and trusting in their ability. Good managers in any organization, including schools, build such relationships by showing consideration of each employee as a person, having meaningful discussions about their career development, and not micro-managing them. Along with giving feedback, building relationships of trust is a hallmark competency of the highest-performing leaders in top online and blended schools.

Learning Targets:

  • Improve the retention and performance of teachers in either online or face-to-face settings.
  • Know exactly what your staff needs from you to feel supported and on the right path in your program.




Rolling enrollment through August 31, 2022

Course must be completed by September 30, 2022

This course is offered at no cost to Wisconsin educators*

*This project is supported by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Program to serve all Wisconsin public, tribal, charter, and private schools serving students in grades 4K-12 and Institutes of Higher Education and licensing centers for pre-service educators.