Building Relationships of Trust with Students

Building relationships of trust with students means showing interest and concern in their learning and trusting in their ability to drive their own learning, given the right structures are in place. Good coaches build such relationships by showing consideration of each student as a person and having meaningful discussions about his or her development. A loving, consistent mentor has the power single-handedly to change the course of a student’s life, “rewire a personality,” and achieve a rapid transformation against even the starkest odds.

Learning Targets:

  • Incorporate ongoing phone or web calls into your online course to support a connection with your virtual students.
  • Create a mechanism to evaluate if your efforts to build a relationship with your students has impacted their experience and success in your online/blended classroom.




Rolling enrollment through August 31, 2022

Course must be completed by September 30, 2022

This course is offered at no cost to Wisconsin educators*

*This project is supported by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Program to serve all Wisconsin public, tribal, charter, and private schools serving students in grades 4K-12 and Institutes of Higher Education and licensing centers for pre-service educators.