Communicating the WHY of Student-Centered Learning

Communicating the WHY of student-centered learning means conveying core beliefs about why to replace the factory-based traditional classroom model with a model that is personalized, high learner agency, and mastery-based. Starting with the WHY is starting with the purpose, rather than with the definition of student-centered learning (the WHAT) or with an explanation of how online and blended learning enable student-centered learning (the HOW). The principle of starting with the WHY provides a communication framework for inspiring and motivating other people to join the movement to make education student-centered.

Learning Targets:

  • Articulate your personal WHY statement for how your online/blended classroom better meets your learners’ needs than does a traditional classroom.
  • Practice communicating your personal WHY persuasively to important stakeholders, such as students, guardians, and the community.
  • Modify your online course welcome and introductory activities to communicate your WHY statement and maximize buy-in from students.




Rolling enrollment through August 31, 2022

Course must be completed by September 30, 2022

This course is offered at no cost to Wisconsin educators*

*This project is supported by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Program to serve all Wisconsin public, tribal, charter, and private schools serving students in grades 4K-12 and Institutes of Higher Education and licensing centers for pre-service educators.