Nurturing Agency

Agency is the ability to make choices and take an active role in determining one’s path, rather than solely being the product of circumstances. To equip students for environments that require a high level of agency, such as most online and blended classrooms, teachers can introduce structures such as the Learning Cycle, SMART goals, the Challenge Donut, Mantras, the 3BB4T Rule, and a Checklist of Habits. The enhancement of agency has been linked to greater intentionality and forethought, increased persistence to complete difficult work, elevated achievement levels in marginalized populations, greater classroom participation, better self-reflection in struggling students, and decreases in behavioral problems.

Learning Targets:

  • Create structures in your online/blended course where students will have the ability to make choices and manage their own progress.
  • Move past the inherent online flexibility of pace and place, and enhance your student experience to include choices about their learning path.
  • Enhance your online course to include structures that promote student agency.




Rolling enrollment through August 31, 2022

Course must be completed by September 30, 2022


This course is offered at no cost to Wisconsin educators*

*This project is supported by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Program to serve all Wisconsin public, tribal, charter, and private schools serving students in grades 4K-12 and Institutes of Higher Education and licensing centers for pre-service educators.